And in Gummies

Full THC 100mg Chocolate

Also available in 300mg CBD Chocolate

CBD Gummies

CBD Tarts 

Truffles are available in

Indica Salted Chocolate and Sativa Mint Chocolate

High CBD 

Also available in Single Servings

1:1 CBN

As well as a CBD 1:1

CBD Mints 

Caramels are available in Indica, Hybrid and Sativa 

As well as 1:1 CBG

And a CBN Sleep Aid

Available in Variety 10 Packs

Available in full THC 10mg packs

2 mg Microdosed Tarts

Available in 100 mg THC only Packs and 1:1 THC:CBD Packs

Packaging May Vary

Available in Chocolate

As well as CBD 1:1 100 mg Packs


and Mystery Flavor Single Servings 10mg 

Fast Acting Sour Gummies 5mg

Tarts 5mg

Single Servings 10mg 


-Earl Grey Tea

-Continental Blend Coffee
(Medium Roast)

Available in pure THC 100mg Packs

Available in the following Flavors:

-Fruity Rebels

-Cookies n' Dreams

-Peanut Butter Cup 

Sugar Cubes

Fast Acting Sour Gummies 10mg


-Hibiscus Rooibos

(Herbal Tea)

And 20:1 CBD

Sour Gummies 

Available in both Sativa and Indica