High CBD 

Tarts -5mg

100 mg Butter​

CBN Sleep Aid


Tarts -2mg

CBD Gummies

1:1 CBD Gummies

100mg Packs

CBD 1:1 -100 mg

Fast Acting Gummies -10mg

 10mg Gummies

10mg Serving

10 mg each

*Packaging May Vary

1:1 CBN

100mg Bottle

 CBD 1:1

       Single Serve assorted Flavors

     *Sugar Free Available

    -10 mg ea.

Fast Acting Gummies -5mg

Available in the following Flavors:

-Fruity Rebels

-Cookies n' Dreams

-Peanut Butter Cup 


Sour Gummies -10mg


 20:1 CBD

CBD Tarts 

Available in 100 mg THC only Packs and 1:1 THC:CBD Packs


-Hibiscus Rooibos

(Herbal Tea)

Available in both Sativa and Indica


-Earl Grey Tea

-Continental Blend Coffee
(Medium Roast)

100mg Chocolate

 300mg CBD Chocolate

CBD Mints 

 1:1 CBG

Caramels are available in Indica, Hybrid and Sativa 

Also available in Single Servings