Various Stains available in

500mg Carts,


300mg Disposable Vapes

Live Rosin 

Strains may vary

Hand Hash 

Strains may  vary

Pax Pods are available in 500mg Distillate

Lift Tickets 300mg Disposable Vape Pen 


Various Stains available 

Various Stains available in Wax,

Live Sugar, Live Badder

Fine Carts available in 500mg Indica, Sativa and Hybrid 

Available in Live Resin, Shatter and Wax

Vape Carts are available in Distillate 1g carts, and CO2 Oil Syringe as re-fill kits.

Various Stains available in Sugar Wax, Live Resin, and Live Sauce Vapes 500mg 

​4g Buckets

Various Stains available in Moroccan Hash, Lebanese Hash

Various Stains available 

 Available in Indica, Sativa and Hybrid